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Do not look

at our offer if you do not want to choose from a hunderd  kind of decoration elements, washboards, luster decorations and decorative pillars.

You can get a chance to create a unique, representative type of your home, real estate or office and to decorate it in an aestehtic way by the goal to make your home on the base of your own style.

On our page you find  different and unique type of ceiling plasterboard solution a totally new tapestry, the LEDEKORŪ leather wallpaper as well as a lot of plaster realization.

Maybe you would gladly see one of those at your home or office.

We wish a pleasant contemplation and do not forget : More than a hundred year tradition in a new dimension!

Our firm was established by the goal to re-born a forgotten service with a hundred year tradition. Nowadays is natural that the modern architecture does not mean the monotonous, bare, unformed buildings and interiors.

The gyspum and artifical stone moldings, pillars, lustre decorations, hidden lights, wall decorations, liquid wallpapers and dry architectured materials producted by our firm are made for your house interior. By our products you are able to make your home, office or real estate unique and representative. We are ready to decorate in aesthetic way building interiors and external facades with our wide assortment by the goal to make your home on the base of your own style. Our firm and partners are offer full service to your internal and external reform and decoration. If you wish we plan your interior based on your own idea our we produce the unique decoration elements and we insure the needed materials.

Since March 2003 on our pallets there is a LEDEKOR leather wallpaper which is an invention and licence of the hungarian Leder Line Ltd. We are the exlusive distributor in the Slovak Republic. We make your bare everyday pleasant by the varied colour scale of LEDEKOR. The LEDEKOR products are made from 100% natural basic material, sound and heat insulated and due to its liquid state easily an aesthetic surface is attainable even on complicated coves. To make gyspum plaster ceilings, partitions we are able to insure not only the iron profiles, constructive plates, colours and our experience but also the needed materials. We try to insure the biggest assortment even for the built in ligths, spot lights and for the insulator materials so you do not need to get them from different places.

We can say: if you turn to our firm with interior and exterior reconstruction problems we cure your problem by an expert team with serious knowledge and background.